Monday, December 22, 2008

Upendano: mutual affection

Hey, everyone. This is my first post; it'll just be a short one today. I chose "upendano" for the title because it means "mutual affection" in Swahili. I think that is one of the things we all would like to gain from life at some point. Rather than display the idea in English, I opted for another language because I love getting a glimpse of the way other cultures do things and how their world operates each day. Too often we (in general) go about our lives just worrying about us, only concerned with ourselves. While it is true that we are sometimes the only ones who will look out for ourselves, it is good to stop and think about how the other person may be doing. What's going on in their life? What are they going to eat tonight for dinner? I'm not telling you to go up to random strangers at the gas station and ask them what they watched on tv last night, I'm just urging you to try thinking outside your world, outside your everyday comfort zone. Understand that other people's delights, worries, beliefs, while extremely foreign and almost taboo to us, are everyday reality to them. Just a little something to get the brain juice flowing.

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