Monday, December 22, 2008

Classes and Summer...

I am currently taking a Public Speaking class; I know, I am crazy for taking a class during the Winter break, but it has kept me busy so far and I will have 3 more credits on my transcripts when I finish, which is exactly what I wanted! The class goes at an accelerated pace, of course, because it is only about 13 days long. There is a persuasive speech due in the next few days and I am almost sure I will do it on reform of the foster parent screening process. It is still something I need to learn more about, but from where I stand right now I do not like the process-- it appears to be easier for some and more difficult for others. This can result in (and has resulted in) children being put into the care of people who cannot properly care for them or who have little to no desire to do so. While I understand that foster care can be difficult, I have come across stories of people who were in the system as children, had a fairly stable childhood and say it turned out well for them. It is a somewhat controversial topic which is why I decided on it for my speech. If anyone happens to know some facts, stats, or things you think I should know, feel free to COMMENT! I may be able to use you as a source in my speech. On a more personal note, I found out yesterday that I have been accepted to the University I applied to in September. I am so excited!!! They have a good Mass Communications school from what I hear and it is accredited by The Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications, which I'm sure adds something to it because apparently only 25% of the 450 Journalism and Mass Comm. schools in the States are accredited by them. I've got all my general education requirements out of the way apart from the ones I'll be taking in Spring; this means I'll be able to dive right into the program and see if it's something for me. :) I'll be transferring in May and I'd like to start taking classes right when I get there, so I plan to be busy again this summer. Busy is good, though, I like to be productive. In fact, I think I need it at this stage in my life. I know how to relax, but I really only feel good about it when all the things I need to do for that day are finished! I would still love to go back to Jamaica to see my Grandma and other family for the summer; it has been almost three years since I went last. Hopefully I can fit it into my summer plans and afford it at the same time! What do you guys plan to do this summer coming?

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